Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 10: A Day Without Electricity

Sorry this letter is just a tad bit late due to some complications this week! So we woke up Sunday morning and the power was out. We didn't think it was a big deal because the power goes out all the time and comes back on in a few minutes, but the power was out all day and didn't come back on until we were just coming home for the night (So around 8:30ish). Because of this, all of the internet cafes nearby had massive problems with their internet, and the one that we can typically rely on didn't pay their internet bill this past week, so they didn't have internet anyway! So we were running around the city trying to find some place that we could use the internet, but to no avail! The worst part was that so many missionaries needed to use the internet, but everyone was having the same problem! So all of us missionaries have had to take shifts at the one internet cafe that is working! Anyway! Now for the week!

So the work is going great! Absolutely fantastically! We have 16 investigators with a baptismal date marked, 8 investigators that came to church, and we got 10 new investigators this week! Man I love this work!

We met a white guy this week!!!!! What?!? We've seen plenty of white people around every once in a while, but we haven't talked to one yet! So as we were headed to a lesson, we passed a little bar that we stop by occasionally to grab a soda, but as we were approaching it, there was a white guy sitting in my seat! As soon as a saw us, he yelled, "I love you guys! I love you guys so much!" His name is Kevin, he was buzzed, he is about 50 years old, and he talks exactly like Austin Powers and even uses the words, "Baby, Groovy, Funky, and Lingo" and other stuff like that! He was wearing the coolest shirt I've ever seen in my life! It was a VW Bus and in the front seats were Yoda and Darth Vader! But Kevin is awesome! He was born in England but raised in Zimbabwe! He proceeded to explain to us that if Women ruled the world, there would be a lot less wars and poverty and sadness! We bid him farewell but he insisted on buying us Cokes, so we accepted, then went on our way! We ran into him later and talked a bit more, but he was awesome! I wish I could include everything about him, but sadly, I’ve only got limited time on here! Anyway, as we were walking to another appointment, we were greeted by yet another drunken old man. I couldn't understand a word he said, but stopped to shake his hand, which he proceeded to take my hand and kiss it! I didn't think much of it, and took it as a sign of respect, but I was completely surprised when he shoved HIS hand to my mouth to kiss it! I didn't know what else to do! Reluctantly, I kissed this old, drunk, Mozambiqan's hand! Now don't get me wrong, I love these people... But not everyone has the cleanest hands in the world... So yeah, I love drunken people!

We had the opportunity this week to give a blessing to our Bishop. He was super sick when we visited him on Saturday night. He was all wrapped up on his sofa in a blanket, and we talked with his family for a while, and then offered him a blessing. He accepted, a blessing was given and we went on our way. The next day at church he was lively as can be, you never would have thought that we was miserable the day before! Shee!!! The Priesthood Power of God is real!

People say "Shee!" A lot here. It is like saying "whoa" but you just yell SHEEEEE in a really high pitched tone! The higher the pitch, the more surprised you are! Haha!

The language is coming along really well! I can function pretty well on my own and can actually have pretty basic conversations with others! I love this work! We're short on time, if you've got any specific questions, you can just send them to me in an email! I'll try to send more next week!

We have a bit more freedom with the way that we arrange our time. Missionaries in the states do studies in the morning because there is little work to be done in those hours, but a lot of people are home around those hours, so we either go out and work, or on P-day, we go and use internet! I haven't gotten sick at all even though we ate with some poor investigators, and the bishop a few times, the food is awesome though! So delicious! But we typically make our own food! I've got a picture of something that we made! But we've been using the crockpot a lot lately! The fruit is delicious! The Mangos will be in season in October, so I'm excited for that! I haven't seen any houses with pools in our area! We live in Matola G which is a province of the City of Matola. We have the only official church chapel for church, so if you can find the chapel, we live behind the chapel and more south. It is about a 30 minute walk from our house! Our area covers Matola G, H, F, Trevo, and a part of Fomento.
Well, I love this work. I love the people here. I know that this is the Lord's church.

Até mais!

Com amor,
Elder Rash

Elder Rash

Dinner in Mozambique

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