Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 20: Transfers are humbling experiences

Well, this week has been extremely stressful. So I've been with Elder Nielsen from Cache Valley Utah, and we've been working our tails off to make up for our lack of experience on the mission, and lack of ability to speak the language! We set personal records for contacts and lessons, and this week has been extremely rewarding! I was absolutely terrified at the concept of training, but now that I'm here, I've realized that it is actually a huge blessing. The Lord knows exactly how I feel, and He has helped us out Immensely!  This week has definitely been humbling, in the fact that I recognize ALL of my faults and shortcomings.  But the Lord has used this to bless me.  I've turned to Him in prayer in every phase of the work, and I've seen so many miracles this week!  New Investigators, Referrals from members just coming out of the woodwork, and an overall increased capacity to recognize the promptings of the Spirit! That has become the biggest blessing- relying on the Spirit. So that has been a huge blessing.

          But this week we had the blessing of watching Conference!  In Portuguese. From what I understood, it was really great! It was just a little difficult to understand because the translation is a Brazilian speaking super fast!  So the accent is a little different, plus he speaks super fast!  But I learned a lot!

Nos temos uma rua em nossa área que e muito perigoso! Pessoas tem encontrado corpos mortos nas machambas que estão perto da aquela rua! Eu gosto de andar na aquela rua! (no translation, sorry.  If you know what he is saying, let his mother know!)

          Well, I've got to jump off now... I'm super sorry that this letter is so short... But before I go, I have a challenge for you all!

          Make a list of people that you think could benefit from the Message that the Missionaries share. Pray for everyone on that list for 21 days straight- every morning, every night, by name. You have the promise that at the end of those 3 weeks, that at least one of those people will be ready and prepared to receive the missionaries and the message that they bring!
          Again, I'm sorry for the briefness of the letter!

This picture is for Uncle Troy!  Poor people of Africa are being deceived!

Farm land

They call this area the Green Zone because of the lush green area.  He says this is his favorite part of his area.

Fishing in a stream.

Family he and Elder Nielson are teaching.

Not a great picture, but this is Elder Rash with his companion Elder Nielson from Cache Valley, Utah.

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