Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 23: Don't hide your talents under a bushel

Hello Family and Friends!!!

          Before I forget, I want to give a big shout out to a couple of people back home!
          Congratulations Kaleb Jacks! Atta boy! Joining God's Army! Best ranks in the world, man! Seattle is blessed to have you, Kaleb. Give em' Heaven out there, Man!

          And Eric Muir! BYU!!! That's nuts man! Congrats on the diving scholarship! When are you gonna get out on the Mission, Man?! Regardless, I'm happy for all both of you guys!

          Also, Broden! I'm so happy that you got baptized, Bro! That is super exciting, Man! I wish I could have been there for it! I love you Buddy!

          If anything else cool happened back at home, send me an email and let me know. Sorry if I missed anyone, this is just all the new information that I got!

Anyways... As for this past week, I'm short on time, so there won't be too many details... But I will do my best!

          We had the opportunity to attend the Seminary and Institute Graduation that they hosted here in T-3! We had about 90 people enrolled in Seminary and Institute in the Maputo Stake! So that was super cool! We also were able to help in the Machambas again, this time it was overcast, so I didn't get sunburt this time. This past Sunday we had the Primary Program! I had so many memories of all of the songs that the kids sang, and the little talks/sentences that they recited. I have fond memories of chilling in Primary with Mom as the Primary President, just singing all those awesome songs! Those were the days!

          Also, one of the Senior Couple caught wind that I am somewhat decent at singing, so I got roped into a choir of Missionaries that meets in the city every Tuesday at 8 in the Morning!!! That means that we have to leave our house at 6 am in order to get there!!!!! It is for some Christmas Program, so we have to go EVERY TUESDAY morning until Christmas... I am NOT excited.

          The rainy season has officially started, and it has been raining pretty regularly for the past week or so. Sometimes it pours, sometimes it is just a light mist. But I absolutely love it! It is so nice. Rather than being soaked in my own sweat, we get misted with nice cold rain water! I love it so much! I've just stopped going out with my umbrella because I love it so much! So the weather this week has been super nice! I absolutely LOVE lightning storms here!!! We've had a couple in the past week, and it is absolutely gorgeous at night!

          Well, Sorry for the short letter, but I'm a little cut on time. I'll try to write more next week!

          But I know that this work is the work of the Lord. I know I am on His errand. I know that this Church is true.

Salani Shiquembue (Dialect that means, "Stay with God") Ate a proxima, Elder Rash
*  No captions were given for any of these pictures, but we're just glad we got some this week!

Future missionary - Bento!

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