Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 53: Alive and Preaching the Good News!

Well, every week when I sit down to write an email I try to think back to the most important and/or exciting parts of the week... To make a long story short, this week was pretty mediocre. Nothing too exciting happened and it was just super rainy and pretty miserable. Well, I guess that could spark some interest- how miserable I was. For example, we woke up Sunday morning and saw that the sky was pretty cloudy, but we didn't expect any rain, and another missionary lost my umbrella, so we left to church not being too worried. As we showed up to church it started sprinkling a bit, but we still weren't too concerned. As church ended, the trickle turned into one of the biggest downpours I have yet seen since being in Mascarenha; but, we had lessons, so we marched into the rain. One word, MISERABLE. It was windy, wet, and cold. I know other missionaries around the world might have it worse than I do at some points, but being accustomed to the 100 degree humid heat that we typically have here, the rain and cold was extremely painful.

Other than the rain and cold, nothing too special happened this week. I wish I could think of something... But I'll try to do something cool this week to make my letter a bit more exciting.

But I'm still alive and preaching the Good News!

Elder Ryland Rash

* note from mom - no pictures today.....

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