Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 97: He is sharing less and less.....

Note from mom:  Ryland is staying supper busy and focused these last 35 days.  So much so, he doesn't really write us good letters right now.  I asked him a few questions and he answered them back.  So I will share them with you.  No pictures or videos either.....Yes, I'm sad.....

Yes, we do celebrate Easter here. But it is a lot different than Easter in the states. Here, people use the resurrection of Jesus Christ as an excuse to throw a big party and get drunk out of their minds... So that is how our weekend was.  Full of a bunch of drunk Africans.

 As for speaking in church, yes. I spoke a couple of months ago while I was still with Elder Smith. I spoke about dedicating our lives to the service of others. I haven't had to speak any other time than that. The ward is pretty good at assigning people to speak ahead of time. We are also focusing on helping the ward become self sufficient. So when the ward asks us to do something for them. We tell them to look for a member to do it first. And if they can't find anyone, then they can ask us. They are typically able to find someone who can get done what they need done.

President and Sister Koch will be skyping each of us to say their final goodbyes and give us any last advice. They won't be coming to Beira, but they will just Skype us to see us.

I love you, Mom! Thank you for the pics! I wasn't able to see the videos, but I saw the pics! Everyone looks so different! It is crazy!

 Well if you have any last questions for me, feel free to ask! If you have any requests for me to do something or to buy something, you'd better ask soon. I only have about a month left.

I love you Mom!

Also, FYI....a new Mission President has been assigned.  President and Sister Senna from Brazil.  Ryland will have one month with this president.  I know he will miss the Koch's, but I know he wants to see them when he gets home.

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