Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 99: Breaking records and ending his mission on a high note!

Our week was amazing! We are breaking tons of mission records! haha! Things are going really well! We had 44 investigators at church on Sunday, 6 families, we will have 17 baptisms this Saturday! We are just going crazy with work! Elder Carlson is LOVING the work! We are working SO HARD and he is keeping me really busy! He is an amazing missionary and more than ready to take over the area when I leave. He knows exactly what he is doing and how to work hard! We haven't had too much rain, but it still does fall every once in a while. The weather has been absolutely amazing! Really cool outside. I am still living with Elder Price and Elder Donker! I love living with these guys! We had a Zone Conference with P. Senna and got to know them pretty well. I really like them. They are super nice. Very different from P and S Koch! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE President and Sister Koch!

Elder and Sister Koch will be in the States for 2 months, and Elder Larsen and I are already planning a trip through Utah with some dates and we are gonna meet up with P. Koch and S. Koch and go to lunch or something!
As for Skype... I have decided that I am not going to Skype this Mother's day. I will see you guys a few days later and I don't see the need to talk to you guys... I know you really wanted to talk to me and see me, but I am going to be with you guys just a few days later. You can be patient.

I'm just kidding! So Elder Carlson and I will be Skyping from our chapel on Sunday afternoon (morning for you guys), at 7 am your time. Have everything set up and ready to go by 6:30, is that possible? Sorry it is so early, but it is the best time I could get. So Sunday Morning, 7am, you will see my beautiful face. I am not sure how quality the internet is at the chapel, or how good the camera on the laptop is, but if it doesn't work, I will just have to call you guys on the phone!
As for my agenda of going home. We will fly down to Maputo on Thursday and be there until Monday. I know that Elder Larsen's Dad will be there to pick him up, and they invited me to walk around with them for a couple of days and help Elder Larsen show his Dad around the city! So I will be with them on Friday and Saturday, probably. And I don't know the whole schedule that President and Sister Senna have for us... But I will let you know next week.

I don't know if I will be able to send you pics and emails. The upload speed is really slow... I'm sorry. But you will be able to see all of my pics of my whole mission in about 14 days! So don't complain!

I love you so much Mom. I hope you have a wonderful week. I will see you all on Sunday!
Elder Ryland Rash

Even missionaries need to take a break and enjoy a popsicle every now and then

Enjoying a beautiful sunset

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