Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 6: Travelling to Africa

Unfortunately, we will have no letter from Ryland this week as he is traveling to Mozambique. As I write this, Ryland is about 1 hour from landing in Johannesburg, South Africa for a short layover before making his final flight to Maputo. We were fortunate to be able to speak to Ryland three times during his travels, so his mother is quite happy. Ryland called us from the airport in Salt Lake, Dallas, and London. Ryland will have spent nearly 2 full days traveling and 24 hrs of actual flight time to get to Mozambique. Ryland said he was able to sleep some on the flight to London. He and his companions had center seats and the 3 of them were the only ones on the row so they could spread out a little and stretch out some.

During our phone calls, Ryland said he is just anxious to get to Mozambique. He spoke to us in Portuguese and sounded pretty good, but what do I really know? He loved his time in the MTC. He has really enjoyed being in a threesome with his other two companions. A total of 7 missionaries actually traveled to Mozambique. Two additional missionaries did not receive their visas in time and had to remain behind at the MTC until the visas arrive. Ryland expressed his love for everyone. Ryland is definately maturing just in this short time at the MTC.

Stay tuned for the first email from Mozambique next week. 

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