Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 39: Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!!!

Well another wonderful week in the life of a couple of missionaries in Mozambique. I can't say that it has been the most productive week, unfortunately, but it was still full of miracles and full of the spirit. We ended up having to stay inside 3 days this week... Elder Perez hasn't been feeling good at all, and had been commanded to be bed ridden for a few days by Sister Koch. So we didn't get out too much. We had to take him to the hospital to get some medication and get him checked out, but everything seems to be clearing up now.

Also, this has been a wet week. It rained and rained and rained and rained, for almost 3 full days. Some missionaries weren't able to get to their areas unless they literally swam there! Luckily for us, while our area was still pretty flooded, we were still able to get to most of the places that we needed to go. But we still don't have boots, so, we wrapped our feet in plastic bags and went to work- wading through mud, ponds, and puddles in order to get where we needed to go. I don't think that helped with Elder Perez's health... My bad... But Elder Perez is amazing! He is always positive about our situations. For example, one day it started POURING rain before we had to go out to work. I had left my umbrella down south, I don't have a rain jacket, and so I just figured I could tough it out. I felt like a bad trainer, dragging Elder Perez through that because he was in the same situation. But, we walked out into the pouring rain with smiles on our faces, joking with everyone that gave us an odd look. People here hate the rain and every time someone saw us, "Are you Crazy?!" they'd say. To which we would reply, "Nope! Just a little wet!" But Elder Perez is always willing to get to work, work hard, and we have reaped the benefits of our labor.

I don't know if I mentioned the family Eduardo and Dusha in my last letter, but they came to church this week!!! And they loved it! During our classes, as we observed our investigators, we could see light bulbs going off in their heads that things started to make much more sense! We fell in love with this family the moment we met them, and we are so happy that they are keeping commitments with the Lord in order to follow Him.

I love this new ward! Not only are the members much more involved in the work, but I have been drafted into so many "unofficial callings" in the ward. I've been recruited to teach piano to some of the youth, to play the piano in sacrament meeting, to teach the Gospel Doctrine class with Elder Perez, to occasionally teach Elder's Quorum, and we are also English Teachers! We have started up an English Class and the whole Ward is on Board. The Bishop is super excited and has completely backed us up. But we will be teaching English Classes every Saturday afternoon for an hour. We hope to have a huge turnout!

Well, I think that is all that I've got for today. I love you all and pray that you have a great week.


Elder Rash
I was in a training this week and one of the zone leaders told us a story that I though was super interesting and made me think a lot about life and the mission in general. I love this example. I figured that you guys would enjoy it.:
There once was a man who loved God very much. He wanted to do everything he could to further the work. One day he stumbled by a very large boulder. God talked to the man and told him of his will.
"My son, I have a work for you to do. I want you to push this boulder. I will help you, and through your faith, all will be accomplished."
Very eager to obey, the man immediately began to push on the boulder. He used all the strength and energy that he could exert to move the boulder. After quite some time, Satan appeared to tempt the man. 
"Why are you pushing this boulder? You will never move it you fool. Stop now while you still have some strength to walk home."
The man resisted the temptations of Satan, and with frustration and tears in his eyes he cried unto God.
"God, why have you forsaken me. You commanded me to move this boulder and with my diligence and with my faith, you said that all would be accomplished."
God spoke to the man in with a still small voice.
"My son, I didn't command you to move the boulder. I commanded you to push on the boulder. Your arms, your back, your shoulders, and your legs. They are stronger from the work that you hath done for me. And now, my son, I will move the boulder for you."

In front of their church building which is really a house that the church rents

From left to right: Wilson-19 convert as of 3 weeks ago.  Walks with us to lessons EVERYDAY!  Jeque (pronounced Jake)-20 Ward Mission Leader.  Faustino-21 an investigator.  All are still in High School completing 12th grade!

Happy Birthday Elder Perez!!!!

Elder Nielson

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