Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 41: Missionary life can be pretty exciting!

Another great week in the life of a missionary. excuse any typos in advance, this keyboard is pretty ghetto.

here we go.

Monday- We had a super good lesson with one of our investigator families named Eliza and Duarte. They have two kids, Elton (4), and Sterra (1 month). Eliza comes to church every week without fail and she is super strong and they have a baptismal date for April 30th. I hope that they can make it, but something needs to change with Duarte if they are to be ready for that step. In this lesson, Eliza asked if we would fast with her in order to help her husband have more of a desire to accept the church. she testified that she has faith that the Lord will bless her for her fast. she is super strong!

Tuesday- I had a division with Elder Roque, a Mozambican that is in my district. We started exploring a new area of our area and had a couple of strange experiences! The first one was as we sat down to have a lesson with a new family. We asked the mom to say the opening prayer, and as we bowed our heads, a little 6 year old kid walked out of the house, naked as the day he was born, and reverently said, Let us all bow our heads and close our eyes. HAHA!!! I would have died laughing but the prayer had already started! So that was hilarious.

The other weird experience was when we started knocking doors and began talking to a woman at her house. When I asked for her name she said that he name was Raelee. Whoa! I hadn't heard Sister Kinnaman's first name in forever! Nor have I ever met anyone else with that first name! Who would have thought that I'd meet one here on the other side of the world!

I've got to go now, but very quickly,

This week we killed a chicken, taught English, had zone conference, had stake conference, and I wish that I had more time to explain all of my super spiritual experiences that I had this week. I'll do my best next week to write more. I love this work and I know that God lives.

Until next week.

Elder Rash

Pres. and Sis. Koch are taking such good care of my boy!

They are being well fed both physically and spiritually!

Zone Conference for both Beira and Manga Zones

I love my boy!

Sitting with Elder Christiansen the Assistant to the President

Pres. and Sis. Koch with the new missionary couple, Elder and Sister Wilkins from Utah

Their apartment needed some work done....what a mess!

A chicken ranch IN a members home!

Jack who walks with Elder Rash and Elder Perez almost everyday

Trying to light a fire...Elder Rash finally took over!  Being an Eagle Scout comes in handy sometimes!

The chicken he killed with that knife....sorry chicken!

His two sons....and his favorite companions so far!

Elder Rash reunited with his MTC companions, Elder Larsen and Elder Draney

Elder Rash and Perez with their Zone Leader, Elder Rispress

Chillin during Zone Conference

There has been LOTS of rain in Manga....he finally got some rain boots!

A day at the beach for P-Day!  I love this picture!

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