Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 36: Happy Valentine's Day!

Feliz Dia Dos Namorados!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! I am currently in a committed relationship with the Lord for two years, and He has been giving me the best Valentine's day gifts EVER!!!

Highlights of the week:

We had a man almost die in our arms (more explanation will follow...)

We went to the Zoo.

More exploration in our area (Which we discovered is massive- we don't know exactly what the borders of our area are... Or if we have them...)

More choir practices.

Valentine's Day!

Ward Conference.

So yesterday on Valentine's Day, we had Ward Conference, and the best part is that we had 14 Investigators show up and 3 FAMILIES!!! I was so excited! We had Vasco and Ana, who will hopefully be married and baptized next month. We had Olimpio and Beatriz who will hopefully be married and baptized next month as well. And we had Mauaie and Eliza (he is the excommunicated member and his wife is not a member) So it was so exciting to see all three of them show up and stay for the whole time!

We also had some more choir practices that went pretty smoothly. For only having 2 practices under our belts, we are sounding pretty good! Elder Lorimer is a very good singer, and was actually somewhat successful on Youtube as a singer! So we are blessed to have him with us.

So as for the man almost dying in our arms. After choir practice we went to the church distribution center in the attic of the chapel in which we practice. As we were walking down the stairs afterward, we saw and elderly member of the church walking up the stairs. I actually have a picture of him that I sent home a while ago. he is a white man with long white hair. Probably the only white man that I have sent a picture home of, but he began climbing the stairs. He shook our hands, looked up, his eyes rolled into his head, and he collapsed. Elder Lorimer and I quickly grabbed him and prevented him from falling down the stairs, and in that moment, I seriously thought he was dying on us... But after a while, he was fine. We helped him up, got him water, and after a while he was fine again. But he is 86 years old! Born and raised in Mozambique! He is a living Miracle!

Well, I don't have much time left.

I know that this church is true. I know God lives. I know he loves his children.
Big PIG!!!!

A soccer stadium they discovered in their area

"Elder Rash" the piglet is getting so big!

Visited a zoo on his P-Day...  Elder Rash felt right at home!

Fed an alligator at the Zoo a WHOLE chicken!

This is the man who collapsed in front of Elder Rash...glad he's ok

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