Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 34: Planting the seed and seeing the fruits of your labors.....

Crazy things happen while you're at church on Sundays! You see miracles, you see families keeping commitments, you take the sacrament, are spiritually edified, and then you come home and realize that your house has been broken into and robbed!!! Haha! Yeah, while we were at church yesterday, someone broke into our house and stole some things from all of the missionaries. I didn't lose a whole lot of stuff (some batteries, a flash drive, and my old camera). We didn't lose a whole lot, but it was more of a blow to our morale. So that was probably the most exciting part of the week.

 On Wednesday I received some of the best news that I've ever received on my mission up to this point! I went on a division with the Zone Leaders in their area. So I stayed the night in the old house that I used to live in. While there, I was speaking with the missionaries that are now working in my old area. We were talking about how the work is going, and I found out that this past week they baptized 3 of the investigators that I was blessed to find in my time there! Investigators that I had come to love so much, and I had no idea what was going on with them, but they were all three baptized and confirmed! It brought so much joy, and made me feel like my time there wasn't wasted. That right there is what makes the mission worth it! Knowing that you are helping others come unto Christ. With one of these investigators, we initially taught his brother and his sister in law- Bento and Edilta. (They are the couple in that picture that mom sent to me) The young man that was baptized was Esdor. Even after we dropped that family, he continued coming to church on his own. He would walk for 30 minutes and carry his nephew to come to church to feel the spirit. He developed such a strong testimony of the Church, and I was so excited to hear that he was baptized!

 This month we will have the privelege to have Elder Andersen come to our Stake Conference and also he will have a special training with the missionaries for a couple of hours! So I am super excited for that. He will be coming here on the 21st of this month.

This month, we should be having 6 baptisms at the end of the month. Marcos and his 4 Sons (Antonio, Sergio, Cezar, and Junior) and the older son of Jose and Felicidade (Juaquim). Juaquim is the son of Jose and Felicidade- I've already told you guys a lot about them. But Juaquim is super smart, and the gospel just makes sense to him. He makes so many connections, reads the scriptures any chance that he gets, and is extremely humble. I believe that I've already explained about Marcos and his 4 sons, but they are that miracle family that sought us out while we were in a meeting. This family loves the gospel and things spiritual. Their testimonies are developing and are progressing very well in their conversion.

I believe that is all I've got for now.

I love you guys!


Elder Rash
P.S.  I forgot my camera at our house, so I can't send any pictures today... Sorry. As for the surprise, you'll know within this next week I hope!

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