Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 48: Happy Mother's Day! No e-mail letter AGAIN, but somehow he was able to send some pictures....

*  From Ryland's mom:

We loved our Mother's Day Skype with Elder Rash!  The quality of the picture was not the greatest, but we could still hear his happiness for what he is doing.  He shared with us that his companion Elder Perez was getting transferred this week and that he would most likely be training again.  He was super excited for Elder Perez though.  Elder Nielson and Elder Perez are becoming companions!!!  Elder Rash's two sons TOGETHER!!!!  He shared with us some struggles he is having as a District Leader and asked for some advice from both Chris and Caleb.  Caleb gave him some really good council, straight from the scriptures....I was so proud!  He shared with us that they had a baptism last week that they weren't expecting.  A girl who has been attending their ward for the last 10 months has NEVER BEEN BAPTIZED and no one knew it!!!  Elder Rash was asked to perform the baptism.  He shared some information he knew about Devon's mission and brought up that he has also been thinking about meeting up with Devon in Johannesburg on his was home.  I was thrilled he was thinking like me!  I hope we can make it happen!  Piano practicing is going slow.  My heart sank as he told that he was struggling playing during church and was not able to practice like he would like.  DANG!!!!  I wish I wouldn't have given up on him and his piano lessons!  He shared his testimony in Portuguese, we said our "I love you's", then our goodbyes, and he was gone!  He smiled while I cried!  I love my boy and am so proud of him!

Surprise Baptism!

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