Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 51: Wedding planning is his second calling

*  Note from Mom:
This week Elder Rash answered some of my questions regarding Devon leaving on his mission.  So this letter doesn't have a lot for you to read, but there was enough to make me happy!
The wedding was amazing!!! It was super small, only about 10 people showed up, and they just signed the papers, took some pictures, and then went back home. The next day, Saturday, we had the baptisms of Tony, Carolina, and an 11 year old boy named Juaquim. Juaquim's parents are endowed members of the church, but he was never baptized. He was born under the covenant, but his family forgot to ever get him baptized. The baptisms were amazing! I think we had something like 25ish baptisms that morning, and 3 of them were from our Ward! Whoo Hoo!

The weather here is cooling down a lot. We wake up in the mornings and it is in the 70's F.

I play the piano every Sunday for sacrament meeting and have been sight reading most of the hymns. I don't know what has happened, but something has just clicked lately. With many hymns I just end up transposing it to the key of C to make it a bit easier, but for the most part I do a Sub Par job! So thank you Mom! English class has come to a halt... But we are trying to kick start it back up again.

Caleb, you finally shaved Bro! Atta boy!

I think that is all that I've got for you guys this week. Sorry it is so short.
I love you all.

I know that God works miracles in the Lives of all that choose to follow him. Real quick, I want to tell a quick experience. With Tony and Carolina, the day of their baptism they just so happened to bump into Tony's 'long lost father'! How crazy is that!? It is really his uncle, but he was the man that raised Tony since his father passed away. He told us that he was just standing around waiting for a Choppa to come home after the baptism and he started talking to this older gentleman. Well, one thing lead to another and BOOM! Connection! They realized who the other was! They had been separated for 15 years without any form of communication and his uncle was just passing through for about a week. He was visiting from Quelimane where he lives! So the Lord works miracles in the lives of those who are willing to follow him.

 Elder Ryland Rash

Tony and Carolina's wedding day!

Beautiful couple

Groomsmen with the bride and groom and the Senior missionary couple

The Happy Family with a silly Elder

Three of these baptisms were Elder Rash's and Elder Parker's

Happy Day!

I think she is too close for comfort.....

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