Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 89: Loving those he is teaching!

This week has been a really good and busy week. Elder Smith and I have been working really hard to prepare a bunch of people for baptism on the 25th. We initially had 7 people scheduled for baptism on that day, but it may be only 4 that end up being baptized on that day. Let me just quickly explain each of them:

Eurico is the oldest child of a strong member family and he was not baptized a few years ago because he wasn't living with them at the time. Now he has been living at home for quite a while, and he has a strong desire to change. We have seen a massive change in the way that he treats his family and how they all get along. I know that the Gospel really does bless and change families for the better. Eurico has 18 years and is really committed to the gospel. The Ward has welcomed him with open arms and things are going really smoothly with him.
Carlota is the older sister of a really strong young man in our Ward. He always volunteers to walk with us or tells us to pick him up on a certain day and he will walk with us for a few hours, we can always rely on Juliao (that's his name) to help us out with Missionary Work. About a month ago he asked us to start teaching his older sister, Carlota. Ever since the first visit, she has absolutely fallen in love with the gospel and with the Book of Mormon! She keeps every commitment and her faith has grown a whole lot. She is a solid investigator who loves the church and loves sharing the gospel with others.

Rebeca is a young woman that was found right before I arrived in the area. We have been teaching her, her sister and her brother-in-law. All 3 have been progressing really well. She participates actively in Seminary, loves reading and studying the Book of Mormon with her brother in law, and loves the church! She has a really solid testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will make a great missionary one day! She is 18 years old and loves teaching others about the gospel. We find her all the time sitting with her neighbors reading the scriptures and little pamphlets with them! Such a great missionary!

Then there is Luisa. Luisa was a reference from one of the members gave us. She has 17 years and has also been progressing very well. She has also had a massive change because of the gospel!

Those are the baptisms that we have planned for this week. We have some others planned for next month, but I'll update you guys on those as the dates approach.

As for an update on the mission. We did have a bad storm hit Mozambique after it hit Madagascar pretty bad. The area that got it the worst was Maxixe. Houses were destroyed, from my understanding there were few casualties, but it was a catastrophe. The missionaries there are okay. But it hit Maxixe really badly. A small storm hit Maputo from what I heard, but nothing too serious. Here in Beira and the northern areas, we only got heavy rain... Nothing too uncommon. So just pray for the people of Maxixe. They have a long road of repairs and cleanup ahead of them. So just keep them and their families in your prayers; especially Elder Nelson. He is a missionary that is serving here. He is from Maxixe and we learned that his home was destroyed. He knows a lot of people from there and his whole family lives there. So keep Elder Nelson in your prayers.

Now for Elder Rash's prophetic prediction of next transfer...

I am pretty sure that Elder Smith will be transferred next week and that I will get a new Trainee. That is all I really know... I have absolutely LOVED my time with Elder Smith! I have learned to much from him and we have done a lot of really good work together. I am also excited to train another new missionary! I just love training! I learn so much from these guys! President Koch had told me that I will be finishing out my mission as a trainer, so I think that I'll be getting a brand new guy straight from the States! I'm excited!

Well, I love this work. I love the Book of Mormon and I know that it is the word of God. I know that the doctrines that the Book of Mormon teach are true. I know that Joseph Smith was a true Profeta.

Have an amazing week family! I love you all.

Elder Rash

Elder Smith, Juliao, and Elder Rash

Homemade toys?

Kids making things to play with.

Beautiful sunset  in Biera!

Elder Rash, Elder Smith, and Carlota

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