Tuesday, March 14, 2017

92: Grateful to be a missionary!

Salutations family and friends around the world! This week was absolutely amazing! A little weird, but just awesome nonetheless! Elder Carlson and I got a ton of really good work done and helped a lot of people! In the end we saw the fruits of our labors and it made all the hard work worth it in the end.

I am absolutely loving the work with Elder Carlson! He and I get along really well! He is really teachable and willing to learn. He is a humble guy that loves missionary work and is willing to work hard. From the pictures that I have with him you can probably tell that he isn't the biggest fan of smiling, but don't let that fool you. He is a really nice and happy guy. We joke around and laugh and have a lot of fun while we work. He is improving every day with his level of Portuguese and his ability to teach people and talk to people. He still relies on me a bit to translate sometimes, but he really does understand Portuguese really well, it is just the Mozambican accent that is still a tad bit difficult for him. But all in all, Elder Carlson is a great guy and an amazing missionary! He will be able to help a lot of people come unto Christ during his mission and throughout his whole life.

As for how the week went, we were really busy running around all week. I got pretty sick on Friday and we weren't able to go out. I must have eaten something pretty bad because my stomach was NOT happy with me. But the next day we were able to get back out to work and help some people!

This week the Lord has blessed us with a lot of new families that we have begun teaching. We began teaching 26 new investigators and had a lot of new people come to church on Sunday! We had 27 investigators at church and even the members brought people WITHOUT US ASKING THEM TO!!! That made me so extremely happy when members came walking into church and said, "Hey, I brought my neighbors today!" Whoo hoo! Thank you so much! We were so blessed this week!

I am so grateful to be a missionary. I know that this work is the work of the Lord. I know that He is on our side and I see his Holy Hand in our work every single day. I am so glad to have His divine help on a daily basis. I love helping others. I know this Gospel is true. I see it bless and change people's lives all the time.

I love this work.
Elder Rash

First full week working and learning together!

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