Monday, March 27, 2017

93: Answering Mom's questions and Church is growing in Beria

*Note from mom:  I asked Ryland a bunch of questions in my e-mail, so these are some of his answers.  Because he didn't send a letter for the blog, I thought I would share his letter to me!  Consider yourselves lucky!
Things are going normally...

Zone Conference was really good. I only have one more. I was the translator for this Zone Conference and I translated for all of the new guys.

The rains have died down a little bit, but it rained pretty hard yesterday and today and it will probably rain a lot this week.

Elder Carlson is doing great! I know that he isn't very photogenic, but he really is a happy kid! We laugh all the time and joke around a ton! He is a really smart nice kid! I don't know if I will ever get a picture of him smiling. He HATES pictures! So sorry about that Mom.

I'll be going home with my whole group that came with me. Elder Larsen will be going home the same day, but his flight goes through New York instead of Atlanta.

We have had water and power, we haven't had any problems for about a week and a half, which is nice.

I haven't had any abscesses lately.

My shoes are.... Let's just say that they will make it another two months. My Shirt are fine. My pants too. My ties are just fine. The clothes that I will be coming home with are the shirt on my back, my pants, my shoes, a pair of socks or two, I will bring home a lot of ties, and a few pair of Garments... I will be bringing home a lot of African clothing for me that I had made, but nothing that I would wear in public.

For the Mothers Day Skype.. I think they will make me Skype home. I don't see the point of it honestly... What do I say? See you soon? But I will probably end up Skyping you guys.

Because of time, I won't write an email for you guys to put on my blog, this will be my only email. Not much happened this week. It was a pretty frustrating week. EVERYTHING fell. All of our plans fell and we were unable to meet with a lot of our investigators.

Sunday was Stake Conference and we were blessed to witness the creation of another Stake here in Beira and Manga. We have been working super hard to Prepare for this and it finally happened! Whoo hoo!

Sorry it isn't the best email. But it is all I had time for...

I love you guys, if you have any questions for me, just let me know.

Elder Ryland Rash

*Note from mom:  Most of these pictures are from Stake Conference where a new stake in Beira was created.  There are now two Stakes in Beira.  Ryland did not give me any information on who are in the pictures, so your guess is as good as mine!

Zone Conference lunch (the only picture from Zone Conference that had Elder Rash in it...and he's not even smiling!)

A new stake was created in Beira!  What an exciting time!

Elder Carlson with Pres. and Sis. Koch.

Elder Rash with Pres. and Sis. Koch!  He is going to miss them so much!

Elder of Ryland's favorite missionaries from Nampula.

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