Monday, March 6, 2017

91: And the Rains came tumbling down....

This week has been a pretty abnormal week. So I am now training Elder Carlson from Pocatello Idaho! Unfortunately he wasn't able to get here to Beira until Saturday night... So for most of the week I was either walking with Elder Price and Elder Donker, or I would walk with a member (which was pretty tough and weird...) But now Elder Carlson is here!!! He is a great guy and has a huge desire to work and to help people! So far we have gotten along really well together and we work really well together too! His Portuguese is actually really good! He still has a rough time understanding what other people are saying, but as far as grammar rules and speaking to other people, he does a pretty decent job! I am just super excited to finally get back to work with a companion and help a ton of people!

While I didn't have a companion, our area definitely suffered because of it. I was dependent on others in order to have time in our area with our investigators, and when I was with the members it was really difficult. I really did feel alone. I typically can rely on a companion to pick up where I stop at, or someone who knows how to teach in a good way. But walking with members is completely different. They don't know how to teach. They don't know what to say... It just is difficult. However, I am really grateful that members made time to help me and our area by walking with me while I was without a companion.

While I was with Elder Price and Elder Donker we were obviously walking in a threesome which at first really made me nervous. In the past when I have seen 3 missionaries try to work together, it just gets crowded in the lessons and in contacts, so I was nervous that we wouldn't be as effective, but I was completely wrong. The way that the three of us taught and testified of what one another was teaching was just absolutely perfect! It seemed as though we had been teaching together for years! It just worked out really well in my opinion. So the times when we were in a tripla was just really fun and neat!

This past week we have gotten the most rain I have seen so far in my life! Sunday and Monday were the worst! It was absolutely crazy! There was so much rain and wind and lightning! It was actually pretty scary! The days following the rain I knew that we were going to need boots to get around our area, and I was really glad because we had bought boots just a few days prior. So as we went out to our areas on Monday and Tuesday we thought that the boots would help... They didn't... In most parts of our area, the water came up to people's torsos, making it impossible to make it to some parts of our areas... Houses were flooded, and life was not enjoyable for a lot of people... But now most of the water has drained out of the area and things are getting back to normal.

On Sunday we had an alright day. We woke up without energy or water... Went to church without energy or water... Had a decent turnout given the circumstances that people were under... Came home from church still without any energy or water... We sweat like crazy.... Then we left for our area still with no energy or water... Great, right? When we finally got home, we had energy and water! What a tender mercy! I just felt bad that Elder Carlson's first real day in the field was a pretty hot and uncomfortable day full of quite a few problems! But he will adjust fairly quickly!

Well that is all that I really have for now! I am really excited for this week to get to work with Elder Carlson and help our area out a lot!

I'll talk to you guys more next week! If you have any specific questions just let me know and I can answer them for ya. Love you guys!

Com Amor,
Elder Rash

Saying goodbye to Elder Smith!
Rain is falling all around!!!
Rain water up past his knees!
Working in the rain is all part of the job!
Flooded streets
Flooded houses
Even in Africa the kids play in the flooded streets!
Elder Price and Elder Donker wadding through the water!
Elder Rash with his new companion, Elder Carlson...straight from the good ole US of A!
Welcome to the mission Elder Carlson!
Doing missionary work in the down pouring's what they do!

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