Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 30: No letter, but LOTS of pictures

The face he makes to make the kids laugh at him

Christmas Morning

What he saw on our Skype

Walking to church with a this!

He didn't tell me what this was...but I'm assuming someone is burning garbage

Clearing a field with a machete


Another tool to clear the field, looks like a golf club with a razor on the end


What a great service they have done for this family

I love his smile!

Decided he wanted a coconut.....

Getting closer....

All I can think of is....he is going to ruin his PANTS!!!!

Mission accomplished!  We have a coconut!

He said it tasted DELICOUS!!!!

Fresh sugar cane and papaya from the garden

Elder Brown's last morning with the crew

Elder Rash loves Elder Brown and will miss him as his District Leader

Oh my this picture!

The faces he has grown to love!

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