Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 32: Lesson learned....Christlike love is for EVERYONE, the humble, the meek, the simple!

Well this week was another week in the life of a missionary! We got out, preached the gospel, got laughed at because we are white guys, got laughed at even more when they heard us speak dialect to them, then preached the gospel some more! Livin' the dream!

As for those two families that I related the stories about, Marcos and his sons have been consistently coming to church, reading the scriptures, and keeping commitments. They are truly becoming converted, and have found great joy in the gospel. Marcos has developed a huge testimony on the power of prayer, and he LOVES praying! As for Augostino and Marta, they have yet to come to church.... Satan is a bum. There is always an "excuse" to not come to church. They haven't come to church these past 3 weeks and we don't know what to do with them. We'll keep trying with them for a bit longer, but we can't hang on for too long...

I had an experience this week that really put the Gospel in Africa in perspective for me. We have an investigator named Nicolau who has been an investigator for 2 months now. We visited him one time on a Saturday night, he said that his back was really messed up because he's had to take really measly jobs to make ends meet, and that he didn't know if he'd be able to make it to church the next day. But he agreed to walk with us if we passed by. So we passed by, showed him the way to church, and later that night, he said that the whole time during church and after church, he couldn't feel any pain. He testified that he knows the church is true. To explain a bit more about Nicolau; he has about a 2nd grade education, can barely read, barely write, is not very intelligent, but he is one of the most sweetest spirits I've ever met. I firmly believe that he is one of the Noble and Great Ones, the Elect of God. He doesn't know or understand many things, but he knows something is true when he feels it. The Spirit testifies to him and he pays attention. He gets it. In our lesson with him the other day I had a thought. If Nicalau disappeared, not many people would miss him- his sister and us. He doesn't have many friends or family. But he has had a monumental influence on Elder Nielsen and I. We have not taught him too much because he cannot understand or remember it. But he has taught us SO MUCH about Christlike love. If Christ were walking in Mozambique, He would visit the Nicolaus. He would visit the humble, the meek, the simple. I've learned to see investigators through Christ's Eyes. Elder Nielsen and I love Nicolau so much.

This week we had Zone Conference! It was so good and we just got drilled on obedience!!! I guess there has been a lot of disobedience in the Mission, and President Koch is whipping it out of us! But I really did learn a lot! I took a lot of notes and received a lot of personal revelation. I left that conference a little upset about being whipped about Obedience, but I really recognized and got whipped by the Spirit about my pride.... I encourage everyone to read "Beware of Pride" by President Benson. After reading it, be prepared to be sad for a few days and much more self aware of your flaws! It is very good, and that is what beat me so much. But I have a renewed determination to humble myself and follow Christ more closely in my life and my discipleship.

Well, that is all that I have for this week! I hope that you all are doing well! I love you all!


Elder Rash


**Now for the family,

How is the whole family doing? I only get emails from Mom nowadays, while I love it, I'd love to get emails from you guys as well!  I love you all!


Elder Rash

Elder Rash holding "Elder Rash"

A family in their area had a litter of piglets and named them after all the missionaries in the area.
"Elder Rash" is on the far right.

Now that's not something you see everyday!

Elder Silva, Elder Watteyne, and Elder Nielson walking to the Choppa stop.

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