Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 61: ROAD TRIP!!!! A trip down memory lane

These week was a vacation for me! I don't mean that in an Apostate Missionary way, but I will explain what I mean...

So the week started out like any other week. Monday and Tuesday rolled by, and Wednesday afternoon I got a call from Elder Larsen telling me that we would need to go back to Mozambique the NEXT DAY to renew some documents! So we got everything ready, and Elder Larsen, Elder Nunes, Elder Payne and I all headed out for Mozambique on Thursday morning at 5 in the morning! We had a road trip with all the BOYZ back together, we got there, did some documents, then we had all day to do whatever we wanted. So Elder Larsen and I went on a date and skipped down Memory lane. We went to lunch together, ate ice cream, and then we went to walk in our old areas in Maputo to visit our recent converts and our old families. We first walked in Magoanine for Elder Larsen, then we went to T-3! I can't tell you guys how happy I was! I spent all of my time at Jose and Felicidade's house visiting with them! The whole family was home! Including 2 new additions to their family! Apparently Felicidade became pregnant shortly after I left T-3, and gave birth to two twin boys 2 weeks ago! Crazy! After I left T-3, Marcos and his 4 kids were all baptized, so was Joaquim- the Son of Jose and Felicidade. I was also able to call Elder Parker in Mascarenha and found out that Bile and his wife were married and his wife, daughter and son were all baptized! Also, Joaquim (that 11 year old boy that we baptized) we had been teaching 5 of his friends and they were all baptized! Also, there were 2 other baptisms of people I had helped find there in Mascarenha, and  Lorenzo and Amelia will be having their wedding in a couple of weeks and will be baptized! Whoo hoo! That made me so happy to hear! That all of our hard work there in Mascarenha finally has paid off! That trip made me so happy!

We came back late Friday night, and I miss Mozambique so much. I love Swaziland, but I miss Mozambique...

We also had a service project on Saturday with the Martins. We cleaned the Yard of Easter and Zelda! Their wedding date is the 27 of August! Whoo hoo! I am so excited for them! They are finally progressing very well!

Well, I'm out of time! I love you all!

Elder Ryland Rash

Elder Rash, investigator Bryan, Elder Chirchir

Kids of a family in the ward...their parents are taking a temple prep class that Elder Rash is teaching

Day date with Elder Larsen in Maputo

While in Maputo visiting a family Elder Rash taught...Joe and Felicidade with their children

They had twins two weeks ago

Visiting the mission office before heading back to Swaziland

Road trip with the gang! (Elder Larsen, Elder Nunes, Elder Payne)

Grave yard that Elder Rash found with unmarked graves (he thought his dad would like these pictures)

Unmarked graves

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