Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 62: Finally saw some Africa wildlife....

So this week has been quite the busy one. Last Monday the Martins put us through a "Cross-Fit Challenge"! I just about died! It has been longer than a year since I last worked out as vigorously as we worked out! Crazy! Also, our area just got even bigger. We added an area called Mpolonjeni to our area and have been hitting it super hard, so we've been busy there all week finding new people and teaching new people there.

On Wednesday I was on a division with Elder Nunes and showed him around some new parts of his area that we gave him, and that was a decent division... I really enjoy being with Elder Nunes, but all of our lessons fell, and we ended up just walking around, knocking on doors, and almost walking without purpose. I don't like that. I hate not having plans. But it was fun to be with Elder Nunes.

This week I have been busy realigning our district's boundaries. Because of some certain situations, it has become necessary to take some areas from a companionship, and give to others. So we have been getting to know some new area that we have, and trying to refigure stuff out. It has also been a stressful week with a lot of odd stuff happening. One of the Sisters in our Zone had what seems like a mini heart attack or something like that and was in a the hospital. It may have been a stroke too because she was also paralyzed for a time as well. The other companionship of Sisters also had their car hit by another car, and so that had to be dealt with. So it was quite a stressful week, and even more stressful for the Sisters, I'm sure!

On Sunday, Easter and Zelda and our other investigator, Brian, all came to church! I was so happy! Brian is preparing to be baptized on the 27th of this month! With Easter and Zelda, it will probably be next month! I also was asked on Friday morning to give a talk about Missionary Work for 10 minutes on Sunday, so I also had to whip that together (which wasn't too hard... You know, these day I live for Missionary Work) ALSO! We have started teaching the Temple Preparation class to the members that are preparing to go to the Temple somewhat soon. And by we have started teaching, I mean I have started teaching. But at least the first lesson was really simple. I pretty much had to teach about the Plan of Salvation- which is something that as a missionary you study a million times. But I must say; I am loving this class! It is full of those elect people that have a strong desire to go to the temple, and they are advanced enough in the gospel to understand what we are teaching, and to ask quality questions about the Plan of Salvation that even cause me to think! So I love the Temple Preparation Class!

Today for P-day, the two Zones went to do a hike together in Ezulwini! We hiked what is called Execution Rock (I bet you can guess why it got that name) It is a super tall mountain with a steep cliff that they used to throw people off. Well on the way there we saw Impala, Gazelle, Warthogs, Baboons, Wilde-beasts, and Zebras! At one point during the hike, Elder Nielsen and I spotted some Zebras in the brush in the jungle, and we started to stalk them! Eventually we got close enough to almost touch them! Like, 5-10 feet away! Crazy! So majestic! We kept walking and heard this massive pounding noise! As we look up, we saw about 10 Wilde-beasts stampeding almost directly at us! I felt like Simba as Mufasa swoops in to save him, then dies- "Wake up, Dad" (Quote from the Lion King)

When we made it to the top of the mountain, it was gorgeous! Even better, I got to see Elder Nielsen and Elder Watteyne again! I have missed those guys so much! It was so good to chat with them and hang out with them for a while.

I also forgot to mention that Elder Brochier has gotten an abscess in his armpit! A massive one! about the size of a golf ball in his armpit! And it has been hurting him ALL WEEK! So Junior Doctor Elder Rash swooped in with his amateur surgical skills! And by that I mean, "Elder Brochier, bite on this wooden spoon! I'm going to take this razor and cut open that sucker while you scream in pain. Then I'm going to squeeze it with all I've got, Okay?" It sounds like a stupid idea, but us idiots thought it was a good idea. To make a long story short, his armpit is much better now.

Well, because of time, I've got to go, but thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf. I have really felt them this week.

I know God lives. I know that he hears and answers our prayers. I know that as we approach God, we will draw near unto us and strengthen us.
Elder Rash

Had apartment inspection and made cookies to gain some brownie points with Sis. Martin

Zebras!!!!  So close he could touch them!

Execution Rock with some wonderful missionaries!

Elder Watteyne, Elder Nielsen, Elder Rash

Flags of the countries he is loving!

Cross Fit Challenge
Personal times for the challenge
Trying his best to do better than the guy next to him
Elder Martins really worked them hard!
Free haircuts for the missionaries
Elder Rash thinks he is a pro.
Letting Sis. Martins practice on him
He finally took over and did it himself!

Elder and Sis. Martins are so good to our missionaries.


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