Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 64: Answers to Mom's Questions

1.  What holiday was it in Swaziland yesterday?  Dad thinks it was the King day where all the virgins come to be selected...  Caleb wants to know if you had to stay in your apartment for this holiday?  He was afraid that a bunch of virgins would be walking around topless and that the missionaries would be confined to their apartments because of it.
             The Holiday was the Reed dance! It is the holiday that the king chooses a wife and the women dance naked for him... So in the past all of the missionaries used to stay inside for a few days... But now it is just the missionaries that work in Ezlwini that stay out of their area for a week. They have been on divisions with other people all week to avoid walking in their area because of the women.

 2.  Tell us about Brian's baptism
            Brian's baptism was perfect! We did it after church and there was a huge turnout of members and even Brian's family came to watch his baptism, such a tender mercy. It was his family's first time to visit our church. Brian was not nervous at all, but he was so happy as he came up out of the water. I thought he was going to cry.

3.  How is Elder Brochier doing?  I can't believe he has MORE growths in his armpit!!!  Are they in-grown hairs?  What are they doing to treat him?  Are they treating him with medication?
             Elder Brochier is doing alright. His armpit is still growing viciously! I don't know what they are doing to treat him, but they are doing a pretty cruddy job if you ask me. They aren't in grown hairs, they are little demons that are possessing his armpit​.

 4.  Do you attend wards or branches?  How big are they?  How many active members?
             We just have branches here because we don't have a stake. We typically have an attendance of 50-100 people coming to sacrament meeting. It varies a lot depending on the week; it is very sporadic.

5.  Have you come up with some last minute advise for Devon?
             Yeah, there is a recording for Devon that I sent.

 6.  Can I send packaged seasoning packets in your package for Christmas?  I have been afraid to send anything that is a powder (ranch mix, taco mix, etc.)
             Yes, you can send seasoning packages. Elder Bird just got some not too long ago.

7.  When was the last time you played the piano/keyboard?
             The last time I played the piano... A few weeks ago. The keyboard at our chapel is broken, so it has been a while since I've been able to practice.

 8.  Give us a mile radius of how big your area is now?  Have you even walked your whole area yet?
             A mile radius of my area... I have forgotten how big a mile is. But my area has about a 20 KM diameter... I think, there are parts that I am not sure if they are my area or not, and I still have not been to some parts of my area... So the part that I know is about 20 Kms.

Elder Ryland Rash
Brian's baptism day!

Elder Rash speaking in church on the fly!

Getting water for his apartment

Brian and his family

Elder Chirchir, Brian's family and Elder Rash

"I do believe in FAIRIES!!!" 

American food!  The first time in over a year!  He was so happy!

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