Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 82: Still to busy to write....

Note from mom:  You know when it is getting closer for your missionary to come home when the letters start getting shorter and shorter and then hardly existent!  He sent one recording to let us know how his week went, but didn't have time to write anything.

He is doing well.  Elder Rash had a baptism on New Year's Eve morning.  They were instructed to stay indoors the rest of the evening by 6:00p.m.  They tried to do as much work as they could in a short amount of time.  They visited a part of their area they had never been before and it was not the best experience.  Let's just say, they will NOT be going back to that area for a while.

Transfers are coming up and the rumors of transfers has begun.  Elder Rash thinks he will be leaving Nampula at this transfer.  He has mixed feelings about it.  He loves his companion, Elder Oliveria, and doesn't want to leave him.  They have lots of weddings and baptisms on schedule for this next month and he will miss them if he gets transferred; but he also is ready for a change.  He has been in a leadership position for most of his mission and he is ready to have less responsibilities and really give 110% to sharing the gospel.

Elder Rash also informed us that after this transfer he will only have 3 more transfers (transfers are every  6 weeks)!!!!  When you put it like that, it seems like he will be home so soon!!!

He loves receiving e-mails, so if you would like to write him a letter, please do!  I can't promise he will write you back, but it will certainly brighten his day!

Sorry, not much time to write today. But here is a recording that explains the week.

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