Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Week 85: Excited for the work in Munhava and EXCITED to teach EVERYONE!!!!

Well this week has just been absolutely amazing! I can't begin to describe how wonderfully spiritual and uplifting this week has been.

I first need to explain how stellar my companion is! I absolutely love this guy! Elder Smith is in his second transfer and he is so excited about missionary work and he just sometimes needs some direction and help on HOW to do it in a more effective and efficient way. He and I get along great and we work really hard together.

I love our investigators so much! I have noticed recently that I just love random strangers from the moment I meet them. I don't know what has been the cause of this change in me, but I absolutely love it. I feel like I am truly losing myself in the service of others, and I can explain how wonderful it is.

I want to just mention two experiences that I had this week. One was in a lesson that we had with Bishop Comiche and his wife, Anita. Anita has become inactive and it is really hard on Bishop. When we were finally able to sit with them, I felt it would be important to talk about the Love of God and how he is literally our Father. As we bore our testimonies that he loves us and does everything for us, the spirit filled the room and I was overwhelmed with emotions. I wish everyone really understood how important that sacred relationship is that we have with our Father in Heaven.

Another lesson that we had was with a couple named Alfredo and Anora. They have been investigators for quite a while and have had a lot of difficulties with getting married. The wife hasn't been coming to church but the husband is always there. We had a super spiritual lesson as well on the importance of obedience and the blessings that come as a result of our obedience. We emphasized specifically the WHY we are obedient. That we are obedient because we Love God, and that the commandments are there to protect us, not to limit us. They really understood and committed to get married on the 25th of February and baptized on the 4th of March! Then the next day the wife came to church with her husband! I was so happy!

Sunday was also super good! We had 15 investigators at church! Four complete families of ours came to church as well! That made me so happy!

It has been raining just about every day this week... Which is super tough. I don't have boots yet, nor an umbrella, and boots are super expensive now... But we'll see how these next few months go...

I know that this work is true. I am so grateful for this work and the time that I have to serve as a missionary.

Elder Rash

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