Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 84: Leaving Nampula is not easy! Heading to Beira to be a trainer is exciting!

Hello family and friends worldwide! 

I have some exciting and also some sad news... I got transferred! I am now with Elder Smith in Beira in and area called Munhava (Moon Yava). It is super funny because while I was in Nampula and I told people where I was being transferred, everyone would laugh. I soon discovered that Munhava in the language that they speak in Nampula, Munhava means "Poop here". Haha! I haven't had much time in the area, but hopefully there is no correlation between how the area actually is, and it's name...

As for my companion, he is absolutely amazing! He is from West Haven, Utah. He is in his second transfer, so I will be finishing his training. And he is super nice! I already love this guy! We are going to get along really well during our time together! One thing that I absolutely love about Elder Smith is that he is super optimistic and excited about missionary work! He is always super positive about investigators and really optimistic about the future. He sees them as their potential, not as how they currently are. I just love that about him.

As for the district that I am in, I will be with Elder Price and Elder Coelho, and Elder Donker and Elder Dutra. Elder Donker actually served with Raelee in the MTC, so that is super neat! But I have never lived with any of these guys before and I've only served near Elder Price in Swaziland, so it will be an interesting transfer getting to know all of these guys.

I was a little sad about leaving Nampula. I left at just the worst time! Haha! On the 28th of January, there will be 2 weddings, and in February, we will be having 3 families get baptized! Plus, on the 4th of February we have 10 Baptisms, on the 21st of January we have 2 baptisms, on the 28th of January we have another 2 baptisms! Man! It is just frustrating, you know. However, I am just super excited that they are choosing to make covenants with God and change their lives around. That makes me super happy.

These past few weeks my testimony about God's love has really increased a lot. When we truly understand that relationship that we have with our Father, the more clear things become for us. He really is our Father. Everything that he does, he does for our benefit. There is a difference between God doing things FOR us, and God doing things TO us. He never does anything TO us. But because he loves us, he always does things FOR us, even when we don't understand why. All of our trials are FOR our benefit and personal growth. So whenever you are confused or lost, just know that you have a Father in Heaven that is rooting for you. He is all powerful and all loving. He is capable of helping you through anything if you let him.

I also have had my testimony of the Book of Mormon strengthened these past few weeks. I see the difference that it makes in people's lives when they truly read it and ask God about the truthfulness of it. I used to think that people used to just say that they felt good while reading the book, just to appease us. But after quite some time and experience with a lot of people, I can now judge the sincerity of people. They honestly do feel good while reading the Book of Mormon. They really do experience a change in their lives because of it.

I know that the Book of Mormon is true. That those who honestly read the Book of Mormon will experience a change in their lives. That the Spirit truly does testify of its truthfulness, but you have to be willing to accept the answer. And answers of this nature typically don't come all at once. They come exactly like Alma explains it in Chapter 32 of Alma. It is like a seed. Plant it. Take care of it. And it will grow and bare fruit. I promise.

I am so excited for the rest of my mission. I have renewed energy to serve all those that I come in contact with. I love this work and I love this people.

Thank you all so very much for your prayers on our behalf.

Elder Rash

New Companion Elder Smith from West Haven, Utah

Welcome to Beira!

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