Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 83: PATIENCE is a Virtue that the Lord wants Elder Rash to really get familiar with

Well it has been a while since I have sent a quality letter home to you guys, so I figure I better make somewhat of an effort to write a bit more.

This past week was extremely frustrating. During my whole mission I've noticed a common theme of a Christlike Attribute that the Lord wants me to develop even more; patience. This week was full of tests, some of which I passed, others which I failed. The Lord was sending me test after test of my patience to see how I would react to each situation. This week we finally were able to purchase a new washing machine, since our old one has been broken for almost a month now (and washing clothes by hand is not fun). You'd think it would be a simple process. Request the money, pick up the money, and buy the machine. In theory, it is a very simple process... However, this is Africa, and to make a long story short, it was a not a simple process. Simply put, all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday was spent running around Nampula from bank to bank to bank back and forth trying to get the money that was sent to us to buy the machine. Then, after spending 60,000 Metecais to buy the new machine, we brought it back home, AND IT DIDN'T EVEN WORK!!! You can imagine my frustration. Well, after sleeping on it and receiving revelation, we woke up the next morning and were able to fix the machine, and now it works great. So the Nampula Elders finally have clean clothes! Hallelujah!

The area has been suffering a little bit because we haven't had as much time in the area as we would have liked to. We are still planning 2 weddings for the end of this month, Hercilio and Saquina, and Elizio and Clara will all be married this month! Whoo hoo!

Mom asked me about my attitude toward my responsibilities as a missionary and how I feel every day when I wake up. From day to day, my feelings vary, just like they do for everyone even in their everyday lives. Most days I wake up excited for the day ahead, but I absolutely have bad days as well. This past transfer has been mostly good mornings. It helps that I have the amazing companion that I have, Elder Oliveira. It is definitely easier to be excited about the work when you work with your best friend. So these days I'd say that I typically wake up with a positive attitude and am excitement about the day ahead of me.

I love being a missionary. I know that this is the work of the Lord. I love what I do and I know that the things that I am doing are good, right, and true. I have a testimony of this work. I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.

This may possibly be my last week in Nampula... Transfers are next week and I don't have any promises that I will be staying. If I leave, I will miss Nampula. If I stay, I would be so happy to stay and help out even more! However, I'm just an instrument in the Lord's hands and I'll help out wherever I'm assigned.

Thank you all for your prayers on our behalf.

Have a great week!

Com Amor,
Elder Rash

*Note from mom:  FINALLY got pictures from Christmas and the baptism they had last week!
On their way to Maputo for Christmas!

Merry Christmas....packages are under the tree!

Elder Nielsen and Elder Rash together again....

Elder Waynette and Elder Rash

Two Mesa boys.... Elder Rash with Elder Sharpe

Brazilian barbeque

The Nampula Brothers

Baptism in Nampula....last baptism of 2016

Elder Oliveira, Elder Rash and Carla and family

Elder Rash and Elder Goes with the baptisms!

Elder Oliveira made homemade lasagna

Elder Rash with his favorite missionary, Elder Larsen

MTC Companions together for Christmas (Elder Draney is serving in Nampula with Elder Rash)

Swaziland buddy, Elder Baker

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